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Dates: 12/5/2014 - 12/7/2014
Event Name: Reggae Marathon

The Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon is Jamaica’s premier International Marathon Event. Marathoners, sports enthusiasts as well as beginners, converge in Negril, Jamaica’s capital of casual, for a fun event characterized by good vibes and lots of Reggae music.  Enthusiastic supporters come out along the out and back, internationally certified course to support participants. Meanwhile, hard working volunteers offer uniquely packaged water and rehydration fluids at every mile. The pulsating Reggae music at each mile also keeps participants in an “irie” spirit, as they burn the mileage.


Other related Marathon events, like the internationally rated gourmet Pasta Party and 3 Day Marathon Expo, have participants and supporters alike, humming with activity. The Expo also features the best of Jamaica’s art & craft along with runner related products. The Village Bash & Victory Party caters to the party goers.


All in all, the Reggae Marathon Event is uniquely Jamaican with an international appeal.

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