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Dates: 1/29/2012 - 1/29/2012
Event Name: High Mountain Coffee Races

The annual race (Inaugurated 1983) staged by the Jamaica Standard Products Company Limited (Producers of High Mountain Coffee) is one of the largest and most challenging yet popular road races in Jamaica. Over the years overseas participation has increased since its inception and with the introduction of the 3.2K race, both young and old can now get involved in the fitness game. It starts just above Windalco’s overhead bridge at Williamsfield, up the steeper parts of the Winston Jones Highway, down the Kendal and Shooters Hill stretch and ends at roundabout near the Kirkvine Windalco’s Head office. Up to 15,000 supporters usually line the routes for this remarkable event.

Time Started: 7:00 AM
Time Ended: 12:00 PM
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