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Dates: 11/11/2012 - 11/11/2012
Event Name: Rose Hall Triathlon

The Rose Hall Triathlon has received global recognition and rated as one of the top 100 triathlons in the world by Triathlete Magazine. Additionally, Jamaica Triathlon has been rated second in the sub-category of the “Best Vacation Triathlons”. The event has seen the participation of acclaimed triathletes such as European duo Nicolas Becker and Isabelle Ferrer alongside Olympians, Australian Greg Bennett and his wife American Laura, who are ranked amongst the Top 5 racers in the world.
What can you look forward to this year? A Well-marked out and back swim course through the crystal clear Caribbean Sea; a flat and fast out and back Bike course throughout Jamaica’s elegant corridor, Rose Hall.

Time Started: 1:00 AM
Time Ended: 1:00 AM
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