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Explore Jamaica Tourism Locations

Although you'll find plenty to do at Round Hill, you must explore the great sights and adventures Jamaica has to offer. The concierge is happy to assist in booking any of the following exciting outings or you can make advance reservations by visiting My Round Hill Experience once you have confirmed your accommodations.

Local Attractions


ATV Safari

Get ready for the ride of your life as you drive an ATV through the glorious Jamaican landscape. Explore hidden villages nestled in the tropical forests. Follow twisting pathways beneath the dense canopy into the scenic countryside and enjoy spectacular views of the coastline and the Caribbean Sea, as you listen to your guide share the history of this fascinating region.
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Bamboo River Rafting

Climb aboard a 30-foot, bamboo raft for an authentic Jamaican experience. Your experienced captain will skillfully pole the raft and navigate the jade-green waters of the Martha Brae River located in the parish of Trelawny (birthplace of sprinter Usain Bolt). Trail your hand in the shimmering waters and gaze into the trees filled with colorful birds and exotic flowers. Surrender to the romance of the moment, experiencing a truly Jamaican pastime as you float under the glistening in the sun. Click here to reserve tour


Black River Safari and YS Falls Combo

Unlock the wonders of Jamaica's untainted South Coast on this amazing adventure, which takes you to two of the island's most amazing destinations: Black River Safari and Y.S. Falls. Head over to the Black River and take a fascinating excursion down this waterway, which boasts a whole incredible ecosystem of exotic animals including birds and crocodiles, as well as vegetation.—all arrayed for your viewing pleasure. Delight in the spectacular beauty of YS Falls, as you cavort beneath the flowing waters of these gorgeous cascades. You can be like 'Tarzan and Jane' and rope swing into the crystal pools and climb this seven-tiered wonder. Click here to reserve tour


Deep Sea Sport Fishing

The very best in deep sea sport fishing beckons off the coast of Jamaica. Imagine heading out onto the open waters off the coast, renowned as one of the most thrilling grounds in the entire Caribbean. Now you can brag about your own amazing catch, as you take advantage of our unbelievable fleet of customized fishing boats including: a 46' Hatteras (completely refit in 2008); a 31' Betram (arguably the world's best fishing platform); and a fully rigged 33' Pacemaker. Hop aboard with the expertise of our captain and crew, who know the very best spots to catch Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Tuna and Sailfish, just to name a few. The sun is shining, the drinks are icy and the fish are biting. Click here to reserve tour


Discover Dunn's River Falls from

Experience the majesty of Dunn's River Falls, one of Jamaica's most magnificent natural treasures. Join hands and be part of a human chain ascending the slopes of this 600 foot waterfall, one of the few in the world that empties directly into the sea. Pose for snapshots and soak in lagoons filled with pure waters cascading from high in the mountains above Ocho Rios. Click here to reserve tour


Dolphin Swim Lucea

At the Dolphin Lagoon, learn about these truly unique mammals, touching, dancing, singing and even kissing a beautiful bottlenose dolphin. Feel the thrill of "riding" the dolphin belly-to-belly as the water rushes by you. Watch the dolphins at play, swim with gentle stingrays and stroll along a trail where you'll meet camels and other gentle friends. Don't miss the pirates tempt fate at the amazing shark show. Click here to reserve tour


Dolphin Encounter Lucea

After being given some interesting facts about dolphins, guests can make friends, "touch," and have an up-close experience with the dolphins on a knee deep water platform. Enter the world of these gentle bottlenose beauties with a special kiss and caress. Also experience the majesty of Dunn's River Falls, one of Jamaica's most magnificent natural treasures and one of the globe's most gorgeous spots. Click here to reserve tour


Dune Buggy Safari from

If you're into rugged good times and don't mind getting a little muddy, then this fantastic trip into the mountains is the perfect excursion for you. Simply get in your buggy, start your engines and set off on a wondrous journey through a magical, tropical landscape that ascends into the gorgeous emerald mountains of Jamaica. Revel in breathtaking views from atop soaring green peaks. Gaze out at a vast expanse of luxuriant countryside, curvaceous coastline and glistening sapphire sea that will leave an indelible impression of Jamaica's beauty on your mind. Click here to reserve tour


Flight of the White Witch Zipline

The Flight of the White Witch Canopy Tour, named after Rose Hall's infamous Annie Palmer, is more than just a zipline adventure. This series of seven traverses also boasts two rappels, one incline glide and a floating platform known as Annie's Web. The tour's longest traverse keeps you in the air for 600 ft. and you'll conquer any fear of heights arriving atop the tour's highest platform at 100 ft. A unique rappel starts in the canopy of a centuries-old cottonwood tree following its trunk down 65 ft. As you zip through the upper foliage, your guides will highlight the unique flora and fauna, while entertaining you with sensational details about Palmer, who ruled the estate (and her many doomed husbands) with an iron fist. Click here to reserve tour


Island Routes Lover's Rock Catamaran Cruise

Sail off into the sunset on this romantic cruise that features stunning views of the golden sun sinking into the sea and lighting up the horizon with a spectrum of red, pink and orange tints. Munch on delectable appetizers and sip exotic cocktails, including our catamaran signature drink, as you stand on deck and watch the sea become set ablaze with fiery color. Laugh out loud with newfound friends as the undulating shoreline passes you by. Sway to the rhythms of the pulsating reggae music or simply steal away, finding a quiet spot where you can be alone together and remember why you fell in love in the first place. There's nothing quite like a Caribbean sunset at sea to reawaken the fires of love or to ignite memories that will last a lifetime. Click here to reserve tour


Island Routes Reggae Catamaran Cruise

Experience the magic of an Island Routes catamaran cruise, one of the Caribbean's most wet 'n' wild adventures full of delectable appetizers, exotic cocktails, the best snorkel spots and panoramic views you'll ever set your eyes on. Laugh out loud with newfound friends as the undulating shoreline passes you by. You'll find yourself swaying to the rhythms of reggae music, new and old, while learning the latest island dance moves and enjoying our signature catamaran cocktail. There's nothing quite like this 'club on water' to feel the pulse of the island vibes and see the wonders of the Caribbean. Click here to reserve tour


Jungle River Tubing

The adventure begins when you board your tube on the banks of the cool, flowing river. As you navigate the rushing rapids of the river, our attentive and knowledgeable local guides will show you the ropes and introduce you to a seldom-seen Jamaica. As you thrill to the twists and turns of the rushing river be on the lookout for a glimpse of some of the many exotic, indigenous animals that make their home in this lush tropical habitat. Click here to reserve tour


Rose Hall Great House Day Tour

Explore the beautifully restored Rose Hall Great House, and maybe even catch a glimpse of the ghost of the notorious Annie Palmer. Said to have voodoo powers, the White Witch ruled her plantation with an iron fist, doing away with her many husbands and lovers. Finally, she was killed in her bed by a powerful medicine man, and even though he burned her portraits and marked her grave, the legendary White Witch of Rose Hall remains to haunt the Great House and plantation. The most famous great house in Jamaica, Rose Hall Great House is a stunning example of Georgian architecture. Built in the 1770s it offers a panoramic view of the coastline. Beautifully restored, the great house is furnished with European antiques and a mahogany staircase leads to its most infamous room, Annie Palmers own bedroom. Click here to reserve tour


South Coast River, Rum & Falls

Unlock the wonders of Jamaica's untainted South Coast on this amazing adventure, which takes you to the island's most amazing destinations: Appleton Estate, Black River Safari and Y.S. Falls. Marvel at the workings of a distillery that has been creating one of the world's smoothest and most sought-after rums for eons. Sample a taste of the golden elixir and find out what it feels like to swallow sunshine. Head over to the Black River and take a fascinating excursion down this waterway, which boasts a whole incredible ecosystem of exotic birds, animal, including, of course, the crocodile, and vegetation. Delight in the spectacular beauty of YS Falls, as you cavort beneath the flowing waters of these gorgeous cascades or be like 'Tarzan and Jane' and rope swing into the crystal pools of this seven-tiered wonder . With a delicious lunch provided and the very best of nature spread out before you, this "triple threat" adventure combines the spirit of Jamaica with the wonders of its landscape. Click here to reserve tour


Ultimate Swim With the Dolphins Lucea

Treat yourself to the "Experience of a Lifetime," as you frolic with beautiful bottlenose dolphins in the deep waters of a gorgeous, natural lagoon. Feel the thrill as these majestic mammals pull you along by their dorsal fins or give you a foot-push through the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. After this invigorating encounter, spend the day at the park and enjoy a variety of experiences including watching the dolphins at play or interacting with gentle stingrays, viewing the exciting Shark Show, or marvelling at camels, colorful birds, exotic snakes and iguanas along the nature trail. To top it all off, relax on a chaise lounge set directly on the pearly-white sand beach as the cool Caribbean breezes caress your skin. Click here to reserve tour


Zipline & River Kayak Adventure

Prepare for a thrill-a-minute excursion as you claim your kayak and start your adrenaline pumping. Paddle through the rapids and ride the fast-flowing currents as stunning scenery flashes by you. Then, disembark on a bamboo-lined riverbank and take a short hike to a hidden platform, from where you'll launch out onto a zipline flight 150 feet high, taking you soaring across the rainforest treetops. Then dive back into the refreshing waters of a pure Jamaican river. Click here to reserve tour


Zipline Canopy

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience of nature as you soar like a bird, at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, hundreds of feet above the earth on secure ziplines. Indulge yourself in a truly unparalleled experience as you take off on an adventure that has you flying through the trees, high above the tropical landscape, using an intricate system of harnesses, pulleys and carabiners on horizontal traverses. There is literally nothing like zipping from traverse platform to traverse platform, each carefully selected for its position high above some of the most breathtaking sights in the entire Caribbean, if not the planet. Glide over exhilarating waterscapes, as magnificent sights whizz by below. Survey beauty as far as the eye can see, as you take in the view from up high for this pulse-pounding and thrilling adventure. Become one with the amazing island ecosystem, as you walk through its lush vegetation, learn about its flora and fauna and fly through the treetops as you catch glimpses of the Caribbean Sea off in the distance. Click here to reserve tour


Mountain Valley Rafting

Located at Lethe in the parish of Hanover, 35 minutes from Round Hill

A once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits you on a rafting trip on Jamaica's Great River. It is a breathtaking trip from the historic village of Lethe through Jamaica's beautiful mountainous interior. Enjoy this traditional Jamaican ride along the lovely Great River in the heart of Jamaica's countryside. Board your two-seater bamboo raft and relax as you glide along the river, maybe take a swim or perhaps you would just prefer to enjoy a cool drink on your hour-long raft ride. Be sure to look around Rhea's World mini-zoo, take a donkey ride or stroll around the small plantation before enjoying lunch.
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Lethe Plantation Jitney Tour

Located at Lethe in the parish of Hanover, 35 minutes from Round Hill

Visit a charming tropical village where you can fish in fresh water ponds and eat what you catch. See the village school where the children will sing for you. Explore the village and discover its charm and grace.
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Rockland's Bird Sanctuary

Located at Anchovy in the parish of Hanover, 25 minutes from Round Hill

Hungry birds and tourists alike love the Rockland's Bird Sanctuary and Feeding Station, where visitors get to feed these colorful feathered creatures by hand. Tours go from an early morning to a late afternoon tour. There are a wide variety of birds at the Rockland's Bird Sanctuary, both from native Jamaica birds to migrant birds.
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Greenwood Great House

Located at Greenwood in the parish of Trelawny, 50 minutes from Round Hill

The Barretts (of Wimpole Street fame) came to Jamaica in the 1660's and amassed great wealth from their sugar plantations. They built Greenwood in 1790 primarily for entertaining. Among the artifacts on display are the original library of the Barretts with books dating back to 1697; an extremely rare collection of musical instruments (all in working order); and the famous paintings that depict "The Lady in Grey."
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Negril Tours

Located at Negril in the parish of Westmoreland, 1 hour from Round Hill

Life here is carefree and cool with rugged cliffs and pure white beaches. Spend time lazing away under a coconut palm. Negril boasts the most famous ribbon of beach in Jamaica, stretching 7 continuous miles. Rainbow colored placards invite you to stop for a massage, dine at beachfront restaurants or sip a refreshing drink at a seaside bar. Vendors sell everything from fresh fruit and jerk chicken, handmade baskets to carvings, and sailing trips. Enjoy a fun filled or relaxing day ... and ask us in advance for our favorite beach and dining spots!
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Mayfield Falls & Mineral Springs

Located at Flower Hill in the parish of Westmoreland, 1 hour from Round Hill

Once upon a time, these spectacular woods and waters were inhabited by the peaceful Tanu Arawak natives who lived in harmony with earth, sea and sky. Sixteenth-century Spanish conquistadors retreated to these same hills to seek rejuvenation from its bountiful waterfalls and effervescent mineral springs.

Spend several hours traversing the river while cliff jumping, swimming through an underwater cave, sitting in a natural Jacuzzi and enjoying a natural water massage. Walk back to the yard along the mountain slope where you will be welcomed by the villagers with sweet reggae music and a delicious Jamaican meal with natural herbs and spices grown on our farm.
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