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Round Hill's Green Commitment

An eco-friendly resort in Montego Bay, Round Hill is proud to have been Green Globe Certified from 2000-2008. Our key priorities include community involvement, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and localized purchasing while providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for every guest. 

We pledge to:

  • Lead by example, sharing our successes and failures with our community and industry partners.
  • Hold every decision to the standard of our triple bottom line:
    • Benefit the community
    • Provide the best workplace for our employees
    • Enhance our guest experience.
  • Look to grow our business responsibly, by tracking the progress of our efforts and by continuously seeking areas for improvement.
  • Maintain transparency in all of these efforts, above all.

Some specific examples of our Green Commitment include the following:

  • Utilization of our own organic garden where we grow much of the produce consumed on property
  • Use of photocells and CFL's where appropriate
  • Timers on all pool pumps to reduce utilization of electricity
  • Linen re-use program at the discretion of our guests
  • Use of our own wastewater treatment plant to collect all waste on property
  • Use of natural ventilation and ceiling fans rather than relying upon energy-intensive air conditioning
  • Reduced use of paper napkins, straws, and coasters to eliminate unnecessary waste
  • Use of environmentally friendly gardening without using harsh pesticides

Here at Round Hill, we understand that sustainability is a journey and, as Jamaica's premier eco-friendly resort, we're involved in the ongoing process of improving our operations and conserving resources.

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