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Exterior view of Round Hill Hotel & Villas by the beach
A farmer cultivating crops near Round Hill Hotel & Villas

Social Responsibility

Find Out More About Our Commitment to Sustainability

From growing our own organic vegetables and herbs to reducing waste and conserving energy, Round Hill is fully committed to lessening our footprint and promoting sustainability. As Montego Bay, Jamaica's premier green hotel, we are constantly striving to improve our operations and conserve resources in every way possible.  

Our eco-friendly Jamaica hotel’s key priorities include farm-to-table consumption, waste reduction, energy efficiency and localized purchasing while providing a comfortable, welcoming and sustainable environment for every guest.


Outdoor area facing the beach at Round Hill Hotel & Villas

As part of our commitment to maintaining a sustainable environment and showcasing the best local produce, our on-site organic garden provides the kitchen daily with fresh herbs and vegetables which are infused and incorporated into our culinary offerings. The garden is located at the top of the bluff with sweeping views of both Round Hill Bay and Montego Bay as well as an ever-present cool, Caribbean breeze. In addition to our on-site garden, we are also proud supporters of the One Love Learning Foundation’s School Yard Garden Project where students at two nearby primary schools cultivate crops such as kale and arugula. We in turn purchase this produce from the students and incorporate them into our daily dishes.

Round Hill is working with a local scientist at Seascape Caribbean to rehabilitate and restore the corals, fish and shellfish to our house-reef. This process involves the “gardening” of corals, by growing them in a nursery and then planting these grown corals back to the reef. These corals, in turn, provide good nursery habitats for baby fish, lobsters and crabs to grow, increasing total numbers.

Local fishermen are trained as Coral Gardeners to help tend to the corals. They also play an important role in assisting to educate the other fishermen and the community on how to maintain a healthy reef. They will also act as guides as soon as we set up educational tours for our guests and area school children.

Staircase in a forest area near Round Hill Hotel & Villas

We pledge to:

  • Lead by example - sharing our successes and failures with our community and industry partners.
  • Look to grow our business responsibly by tracking the progress of our efforts and by continuously seeking areas for improvement.
  • Maintain transparency in all of these efforts above all.
  • Hold every decision to the standard of our triple bottom line:
  • Benefit the community
  • Provide the best workplace for our employees
  • Enhance our guest experience

Some specific examples of our Green Commitment include the following:

  • Utilization of our own organic garden, where we grow much of the produce consumed on our property.
  • Use of photocells and CFL's, where appropriate.
  • Timers on all pool pumps to reduce utilization of electricity.
  • Linen re-use program at the discretion of our guests.
  • Use of our own wastewater treatment plant to collect all waste on our property.
  • Use of natural ventilation and ceiling fans rather than relying upon energy-intensive air conditioning.
  • Reduced use of paper napkins, straws and coasters to eliminate unnecessary waste. Practicing environmentally friendly gardening without using harsh pesticides.


Staircase in a forest area near Round Hill Hotel & Villas