Caroline Alboneti

Round Hill Welcomes Caroline Alboneti

About Caroline:

Caroline is a Wellness specialist, she began her journey as a naturopath in 2010 and has since specialised in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki, with a particular focus on facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Today she is a lecturer in TCM when she is not working with clients around the world. She has helped over 20 thousand individuals including numerous celebrities to achieve their health and wellbeing goals. Caroline believes that her work is to awaken the body's latent abilities to strengthen, rebalance and heal itself, and as a result, every session she offers is utterly bespoke.



Chinese medicine body treatment

75 minutes 

Combination of acupressure, body guasha, cupping and fascia release. Everyone deserves to achieve health - physical, emotional and mental. Treating the body for different conditions from pain management to emotional balance, an integrative approach to elevate the state of wellbeing. During the session, muscles and fascia will release all your toxins leaving you balanced and refreshed.


Also Available: Holistic Facial Rejuvenation, Naturopath Evaluation,  Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage, Qi Gong 


$275 per one hour session


Book your session between March 12th to March 19th with our Spa Receptionist or connect electronically via Spa@Roundhill.com.

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