Laure Seguin

Exclusive to Round Hill guests, please join our complimentary session:

 Body Alchemy: Stretch, Strength, Release & Restore – 

Thursday MAY 25th at 10:30am at the Yoga Pavillion 

Afterwards, you will have time to share dialogue and discover your own wellness journey. 

More about Brigitte:

Brigitte Alcantara is a certified Pilates instructor and Fascial Stretch Therapist. She combines these techniques for beautiful, transformative, personalized treatments. Body alchemy is mindful movement, curating graceful strength, and respecting the body’s natural form which alchemizes you into feeling your best in strength, flexibility and tone. 


Body Alchemy and Fascial Stretch Therapy: A body alchemy session begins with an in-take of understanding you, your body and how you are feeling in your body. Tension and misalignments are then addressed with pressotherapy and fascial release therapy. We move into a by-design movement session utilizing breathwork, Pilates and fascia therapy to stretch, align, strengthen, tone, shape, renew and alchemize your body. 

Sessions are 50/70/90 Minutes starting at $275 per person

Book your session between May 25th to May 30th with our Spa Receptionist or connect electronically via spa@roundhill.com or concierge@roundhill.com

laure seguin