Rostislav Toporski

Round Hill Welcomes Rostislav Toporski May 21st to May 28th 


About Rostislav:

Rostislav is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator (ATSI) with a passion for helping clients improve their overall well-being. With a background in Ballroom Dance and training as a Franklin Method Practitioner, Rostislav's approach to body work is informed by his kinesthetic intelligence and understanding of biomechanics. He specializes in fascia manipulation to improve structural alignment and movement patterns. By addressing the interconnected fascial lines and considering the body as a whole, Rostislav can create positive changes in posture, movement patterns, and overall body awareness. He offers a holistic approach to bodywork for deep transformation. 


Structural Integration Session 

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration is a form of bodywork and movement therapy that focuses on the interconnectedness of the body's fascial system and its impact on overall structural alignment and movement patterns. A typical session involves hands-on bodywork techniques, movement exercises, and discussions about your body awareness and experiences. He will use various manual techniques to manipulate and stretch the fascia, aiming to release restrictions and promote improved movement patterns.

90 minutes - $275

Private “Art of Dance” Class

In this intensive workshop, you’ll dive into the fundamentals of this dynamic partner dance style, known for energetic and vibrant movement and lively music. During your session, you will learn essential techniques, footwork patterns, and basic styling tips to have a general understanding of the dance . Rostislav will break down each step, providing guidance to ensure you grasp the basics effectively. Whether you are brand new to dance or looking to refine your skills, this crash course is designed to jumpstart your journey into the world of Salsa. Get ready to groove, connect, and have a blast! 

90 minutes - $295

Join us for the below complimentary sessions at the Yoga Pavillion:

Tuesday. May 21st at 9:00am: “Franklin Method Breath Class”  

Thursday, May 23rd at 5:00pm: “Art of Dance I”  

Friday, May 24th at 5:00pm: “Art of Dance II” 

*Participants in Art of Dance will have the opportunity to showcase their newfound skills with a short dance performance at the evening dinner reception on Saturday night

Book your session between May 21st to May 28th with our Spa Receptionist or connect electronically via Spa@Roundhill.com.

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