Katrina Rinne

Exclusive to Round Hill guests, please join her for a complimentary session:

 Physio-Pilates – 10:00am at the Yoga Pavilion

Thursday, 6th July


About Katrina:

Katrina is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, orthopedic manual physical therapist, and certified Pilates instructor. Her sessions guide you to connect to your body, decrease pain, release energetic holding patterns, and learn a conscious way of moving through the world to enhance your well-being and help you live a more embodied, holistic life.


Katrina uses her keen eye and intuitive senses to assess the body for movement impairments as well as tissue injuries that might be causing pain or dysfunction in your body. She then tailors a treatment plan for your specific needs utilizing hands-on orthopedic manual therapy, myofascial release work, movement solutions and/or energetic healing modalities.

Fascial Release Therapy

Deep Tissue Therapy

Structural Bodywork

Integrative Movement


Book your session between July 6th to July 13th with our Spa Receptionist or connect electronically via Spa@Roundhill.com.

Katrina Rinne

Renee Cardenas

Round Hill Welcomes Renee Cardenas

About Renee:

Hailing from Argentina and visiting from the west coast of the USA, Renee brings with her extensive experience across the spectrum of holistic healing, meditation, and general wellness. Her professional journey has taken her from the classrooms of the University of Buenos Aires to a full circle of life experiences, to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute In Tarzana, California to becoming a Master Results Coach and Trainer of NLP, Including later the Holistic Health Coach certification by IIN.

Mental and Spiritual Reset

Hypnoanalytic approach combining Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming. Renee will coach you through a deep exploration of self. This is a powerful method of removing unconscious blockages allowing you to remap thoughts and believes to achieve your highest potential.


Hypnosis and NLP for Weight Management

Guiding  you into the process of shifting mindset, releasing unhealthy impulses and reprogramming for motivation to follow a lifestyle that promotes healthy habits. Bringing awareness into feeding physical needs instead of emotional wants.


Healing from Within

Reclaim your natural state of wellness by realigning body's vital energies. Mind and spirit are able to rejuvenate and heal  the body. Medical science recognizes that many common ailments originate in the mind, and often the cure is the one that reconditions old attitudes and believes.

Book your session between July 16th to July 20th with our Spa Receptionist or connect electronically via Spa@Roundhill.com.

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