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The iconic luxury Jamaica Villa 25 at Round Hill has welcomed celebrities and dignitaries alike, and was the site where John F. Kennedy practiced his now infamous inaugural speech before assuming his Presidency of the United States.

The iconic luxury Jamaica Villa 25 at Round Hill has welcomed celebrities and dignitaries alike, and was the site where John F. Kennedy practiced his now infamous inaugural speech before assuming his Presidency of the United States.

This Luxury Villa features a sparkling pool, beautifully-manicured grounds, and three master bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms boasting standalone soaking tubs. Ornate, carved headboards and posts couple with wooden dressers and desks adding a warm richness to each bedroom. A plush window seat in one of the bedrooms is an inviting space to reflect while you enjoy the sun peeking through the lush tropical flowers outside.

Here at Villa #25 you will meet Joy, your housekeeper that will welcome you just like family and make sure you are well taken care of during your stay. She will love telling you stories of the famous inaugural speech while showing you some of the collectibles still kept here at the Villa. Each morning, she will prepare a beautiful breakfast for you to savor in the open-air dining room with magnificent views. Hot, Blue Mountain coffee, vibrant Jamaican fruit and your favorite dish will make you want to linger and truly taste every bite. Joy is famous for her banana pancakes, so be sure to request these from her one morning.

As with JFK, inspiration abounds throughout this magnificent Villa – maybe you’ll be inspired to simply relax and take everything in while you’re here.

What year was Villa 25 built?

Villa 25 was built in 1952, and was originally constructed as 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. A 3rd bedroom and bathroom were added in 2014.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are in Villa 25?

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Who are the staff in this Villa?

Housekeepers Joyce “Joy” Marston and Verona Grubb and Groundskeeper Nerrod Fletcher

How many years have they been at Round Hill?

Joy has been with Round Hill since 1989 and has been in Villa 25 since 2006, Verona has been at Round Hill since 2007 and at Villa 25 since 2014, and Nerrod has been with Round Hill since 2002 and at Villa 25 since 2006.

What is their favourite memory or story at Villa 25?

The staff at Villa 25 each have their own wonderful and unique memories of working at the Villa and Round Hill in general. They gain simple pleasures from daily tasks and interactions with the numerous guests that have stayed at villa 25 over the years. Ms. Joyce remembered a recent interaction with a guest who was not feeling well due to stomach issues. “I gave her some real Jamaican ginger tea by boiling the ginger root. This, she said made her feel a lot better…” “It is about going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our guests feel welcomed and appreciated while they are here” she said. Verona, on the other hand, loves children and is always so pleased whenever children stays at Villa 25. “ I have a special love for children and they seem to love me too” she remarked when asked what she enjoys most about working at Villa 25.

What is the “best” feature of Villa 25?

Villa 25 is about a 2-minutes’ walk from the main lobby which makes it a favourite for brides and grooms who are hosting their wedding at Round Hill. The close proximity allows them to quickly trek from their villa to the main area if they need to. Additionally the villa has a lovely half lawn half pool deck area that is great for them to host cocktails parties for their guests.

What is something we may not know about Villa 25?

Where do we begin? A walk through villa 25 with its dark stained mahogany furniture, polished wooden floors and four poster beds evokes a feeling of timeless elegance and understated luxury; a feeling no doubt brought on by the villa’s 1950s British Colonial feel which has been preserved over the years. Adele “Deli” Astaire (sister and dancing partner of Fred Astaire) and husband, American Industrialist Kingman Douglas were the original owners of villa 25. The villa has however seen many prominent and notable figures over the years. None more prominent that President-elect John F. Kennedy who practised his inaugural speech on the verandah of villa 25; where he, wife Jacqueline Kennedy with Lee Radziwill and her husband vacationed Christmas of 1960 while he awaited his presidential inauguration in January 1961. We can proudly say that Villa 25’s rich history and intrigue has helped to shaped Round Hill into what it is today.

Have there been any prominent guests?

John F. Kennedy, David Schwimmer, Hill Harper, Jaleel Ahmed White (Steve Urkel), Ryan Gosling.

In 2013, The Travel Channel featured Villa 25 in their segment about Jamaica and Montego Bay. Enjoy the video below.