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Round Hill proudly supports the 2021 World Tourism Day theme, “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” and remains committed to leading by example.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many vulnerable groups and individuals and the restart of tourism will help minimize the impact on society. Round Hill proudly supports the 2021 World Tourism Day theme, “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” and remains committed to leading by example. We pledge grow business responsibly by enhancing guest experiences, providing the best workplace of our employees and contributing the community for national development. 

Here are some of the ways we continue to promote local talents and support the resources available in our community:             

Organic Vegetable Garden 
Our farm-to-table consumption is guided by our James Beard award winning Executive Chef, Martin Maginley who promotes the “Light, Clean Caribbean Cuisine” and highlights the abundance of products available in our Organic Garden. Stocked with fresh herbs, vegetables, local fruits and seasonal delights, these products are incorporated into our daily menu options. Located on the top of the hill, the Organic Garden also provides stunning views of Round Hill Bay and Montego Bay. 

Built on traditions and committed to the community, we are also proud supporters of the One Love Educational Foundation's School Yard Garden project. This community- based initiative facilitates purchasing crops such as kale and arugula from two nearby primary schools.

Round Hill Reef Garden 
Round Hill continues to work with Seascape Caribbean on the Round Hill Reef Garden project. Through this program, in collaboration with local marine biologists, Round Hill rehabilitates and restores the various marine lifeforms that reside in the bay. The process involves growing corals in a nursery and then planting them back in the reef resulting is a healthy habitat and flourishing nursery for baby fish and other marine life including lobsters and crab populations. Additionally, local fishermen are employed to care for the coral reefs in the area and trained to educate other community members how to care for it. Guests may also reserve the Glass Bottom Tour or schedule a private tour with a Reef Gardener to learn about the Round Hill Reef Garden. 

Advance Local Talents 
Guests can experience the local culture and traditions through live entertainment and customized activities. Our evening dining menus are well complimented by live performances by the best local entertainers, who can also be reserved for private events. Additionally, you may learn how to do basket weaving and wood sculpting with a private session with our resident artisans. To explore the island and support other local trades, our on- site tour desk can arrange private tours for travellers to become immersed in the heritage of local communities and indigenous people.

For more information on Round Hill’s commitment to “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”, click here.