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Founding Vision
Love At First Sight

Our Work In The Community

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Hanover Charities

Poised as one of the most successful charities in all of Western Jamaica, Hanover Charities' roots are intimately linked to the founding of Round Hill, when the estate’s earliest visitors became steadfast and generous donors. Hanover has since continued its mission of providing assistance, support, and relief to local schools, shelters, kitchens, and healthcare institutions, as well as funding philanthropic projects and awarding scholarships.

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Coral Reef Preservation & Restoration

Round Hill is working with local scientists at Seascape Caribbean to rehabilitate and restore the corals, fish and shellfish to our house-reef. This process involves the “gardening” of corals, by growing them in a nursery and then planting them back on the reef. These restored corals provide good nursery habitats for baby fish, lobsters and crabs to thrive.

Local fishermen are trained as Coral Gardeners who educate neighbouring fishermen, and provide guidance for our educational tours for guests and area school children.

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Our Commitment to Living Green

From growing our own organic vegetables and herbs to reducing waste and conserving energy, Round Hill is fully committed to lessening our carbon footprint and perfecting sustainability. As Montego Bay’s preeminent green hotel, our key priorities include farm-to-table practices, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and localised purchasing without compromising service.